Monday, June 09, 2014

Call Me a Narcissist.

After trying for a couple of years to grow my hair out, I went back to my old ways and short hair. Sophie came over this morning and I showed her photos of pixie cuts, then she went to work. With every snip of the scissors I felt more and more like me. I love this cut so much, that I keep walking over to the mirror to admire it. The cut looks so cute that I may even be inspired to exercise.

We've been going through more boxes of stuff, (Yeah, still,) and came across Brewier's college year books. This photo is from 1977. Can you spot my beloved? Oliver pointed him out with no hesitation.

I hope to post photos this week of our guest room, previously known as the craft/junk room. We have a summer, happily filled with guests, so I need to make a a cozy spot for them.


Elizabeth said...

The cut is really cute! I went the other direction. I have been keeping my hair above my shoulders and sometimes in a bob, but no longer than that. Now it is getting much longer, and I ditched my bangs! I have always had bangs. I'm kinda liking the look on me better, and I might go for some more layers soon.

Great photo of Brewier, so handsome. You can see how Oliver has a bit of his Grandpa's looks :)

Tracy said...

Your new haircut is really cute! I cut my hair short a couple of years ago and haven't looked back.

Erin said...


Vickie said...

Your haircut is super cute!! I wish I could wear short hair.

J said...

Loves great! A hip hairstyle sure knocks those years off!