Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Working On the Wardrobe.

Yesterday I braved TJMax and was able to find some jeans, shorts and shirts that all looked promising. Unfortunately a young, overzealous employee decided she would spray down the dressing rooms with Glade. Megan told me not to go in, and even just walking by made me sick, and other shoppers cough. It was BAD. So instead of putting all my finds back, I bought them all, and told the cashier she'd see me in couple of days when I returned everything that didn't fit. Out of everything I bought I'm keeping 2 pairs of white shorts, a pair of jeans and two shirts. I'm really happy about the shorts; they are a perfect fit. I have such trouble with bottoms, especially jeans because no matter what my weight, (even at 110 lbs,) my tummy is always bigger than my hips and I have bird legs. I had also ordered three pairs of jeans on Amazon, and they arrived today. Megan, Oliver and I were sitting together in the living room when I opened the package, so I tied them on right then to get Megs opinion. The first thing out of the package was a pair of bright white jeans. I pulled them on and turned to ask Megan what she thought. before she could answer, Oliver who had been eating a chocolate chip muffin, got up and kissed me right on the center of my bottom, (he kisses things he likes or thinks is pretty,) leaving a round perfectly placed chocolate stain that looked much like a shart. Awesome. I quickly cleaned the pants,(they were too big in the leg,) and the other two pairs were two small, so back to Amazon they go. Also in the mail today is a, gulp, $70 plain white button up shirt, that I've been eyeing for a year. I have a hard time finding shirts that button across the bust, and this shirt is sold by bra size. I haven't tried it on yet, but it got great reviews, even one from a woman with the same bra size as me, so I'm hopeful.
One day I might even have the mad fashion skills that Megan has. One can dream.

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