Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Still Getting Settled.

While it didn't take long to unpack after this last move, Im still not settled. I've returned all the curtains I had bought for our living and dining room, to World Market. I need 10 panels, and out of the 16 I had ordered, only six were similar in length; absolutely no quality control, but great costumer service. Currently I have my 10 year old Ikea linen panels hanging up, but because the rear of our house is almost all windows, and faces west,I really need to find lined or light blocking panels. I still need to sew slipcovers for the furniture, bleh, and I'm trying to get rid of our dining room table. Yes, these are the deep, deep thoughts that occupied my mind as I lay on the sofa dying last week.
Yesterday and today I've been working on moving the stuff from my upstairs bedroom, (all my clothes and furniture,) into Brewiers downstairs bedroom, and moving all of his belongings upstairs, because when Brewier is home, he's been sleeping upstairs, Olivers been sleeping on the sofa in Brewiers room,(where I had been sleeping,) and I've been sleeping on the living room sofa. Odd, I know, but right now it works for us. As I move all these possessions, I keep wondering about how much stuff I can get rid of. How spartan can I comfortably live? I read an article on a couple that live with only 100 items that includes mundane things like a toothbrush. Yeah, couldn't do that.

This is Oliver poking at my kombucha scoby. Because it reproduces with every batch of kombucha, I always have a baby scoby to get rid of. This time Oliver begged to eat it, so I cut off a piece for him, expecting it to be spit out. He loved it and kept asking to eat more.

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Elizabeth said...

I don't want to see another box for a very long time! I too want to get rid of stuff to make life less cluttered. Yesterday and today I put fresh contact paper in all the kitchen cabinets. I love starting a kitchen off with a clean slate. My goal is to get the kitchen done tomorrow.