Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moxie...I Like That.

So yesterdays post while completely true, was supposed to be somewhat funny; but then Megan said to me, "Mom, it just sounds kind of sad." Now I know never to write a blog post while drinking a second glass of prossecco. Yeah, it was a two glass evening. Ihad spent the afternoon unloading my bookcases, moving them to the living room, then loading the books back on, plus I moved a couple of other heavy pieces of furniture and it left me feeling grumpy and achy; Brewier suggested the wine and it helped everything but my blog.
Today I was at Marshalls, on the hunt for a paper towel holder and a graduated shelf for my spices. I found both, and as I was paying, the cute, young cashier looked at me and said, "I like your hair. It really frames your face...it gives you moxie." I think thats one of the most flattering things anyone has ever said to me. And while I wasn't fishing for them, I appreciate the kind comments on yesterdays post.

Here are the bookcases I moved, and the ancient chairs that I still need to make slipcovers for.

And I forgot to post this yesterday; Brewier and I on top of Mt Pisgah.


Elizabeth said...

Last week was a doozy over here and I rarely have more than one drink....by Friday I said, "this is a two drink day!" We went to our favorite Mexican place and I had two of the strongest Margaritas money can buy and I was feeling no pain at that point! Hahah

I just unpacked all the living room boxes, and now all the book boxes and my studio need to be unpacked. The books are going to be annoying, because we have far too many of them. I might do a post today if I have any energy left!

LindaSue said...

you have such gorgeous eyes - nice to see Tricia and Brewier in same photo - y'all look well and Asheville obviously is a good place for you
aargh discussions of moving - looks as if I'm about to do that very dreaded thing - even worse probably put all my stuff in one of those storage Pods until we make a decision on another house -- yikes!