Monday, May 05, 2014

Into the Trees and the Wild.

Saturday we took Oliver to Dupont State Park, to, "Climb mountains, in the trees and the wild." (Olivers quote.)
He and Poppie did indeed go off trail and climb up a mountain, find a cave, and pee. Once they came down we hiked to Triple Falls, where Oliver asked if he could climb up the rocks to the top. It's mostly adults who do this as its pretty high up, but Oliver had no fear and scrambled to the top. I tried to get pictures to show how high we are, but its hard to capture on my phone.

I think summer has arrived; it was 90 degrees today, but unlike Florida, our humidity was 18%. Still too hot for me though. I'm finally starting to recover from my virus turned sinus infection, and celebrated by cleaning my house...two weeks is a long time to go without dusting.
I was video chatting with my brother Ken this afternoon, and gazing out the window, when I saw a bear walk by. I was able to flip the camera so my brother could see it, and I watched as it went into my neighbors open garage. Whats weird is I had a dream last night about bears at our house.

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