Thursday, May 01, 2014

How Is This Physically Possible?

Just look at her feet.

Yeah, thats pretty bad photoshop.

I'm still sick...I haven't been able to taste or smell for over a week, yet I still drink coffee every morning just to avoid a caffeine headache on top of a sinus headache. Because I can't taste, I haven't been eating much more than a couple pieces of toast everyday; you'd think the pounds would be melting off of me. Not so much. Menopause, you are not my friend.

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LindaSue said...

no the pausing of meno isn't particularly a stellar time in any woman's life - but it is just part of it and "they" say afterward we change even more - they are right - yes a tad strange in that photo - of course were I a size -0 (negative zero - a mathematical impossibility?) my legs might come so close they'd look like they crossed that way? NAW
hope you feel better soon - I had to give up and go get a cortisone shot for my allergies - helps some