Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello Summer, Goodbye Directv.

It's 84 degrees out and I'm sitting in our, "Treehouse,"( which is what we call this home because our house is built on the side of a mountain, making our view level with the tree tops,) watching a gentle wind blow through the leaves. Without exaggeration, not a day goes by that I don't mention how much I love living here, and how beautiful it is; I imagine my family is getting pretty tired of hearing me say it. In previous years, while in FL, summer would be the time of year I'd burrow in my house, the AC blasting, iced coffee in one hand, and the tv remote in the other. These days I'm out and about, walking downtown, visiting Mountain Mojo, shopping, going to the Biltmore. Rarely am I watching tv or even on my computer. It's a welcome change, this semi normal life I now have, and to celebrate it, we cancelled our cable tv.

Brewier is now working a mile and a half from home; 4 minutes drive time. We are so happy to get to see him on a daily basis! Over the weekend we went to the Tobacco Barn, and found this old, large, heavy, metal basket from the Biltmore Dairy Farm: it was rather pricey, but yes, it came home with us.

I do believe one of the antique dealers at the barn raided Liberace's house.

Yep, thats a chandelier with a marble table hanging from it. When Oliver saw this chair, he kept saying, "I don't like that! I don't like that!" The fur really creeped him out.

Another thing Oliver has started saying, especially after getting hot while playing at the park, is, "I need a glass of wine." You can only imagine the look we get from the other mothers. I try to explain that it's a glass of grape juice from the Biltmore winery; and because we have annual passes, we usually take him, solely to get a glass of grape juice. Plus, we like going because it's so pretty there.

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LindaSue said...

what a hoot about the wine comment from Sir Oliver - the unabashed enjoyer of life's pleasures!