Monday, May 12, 2014


You know how when you have new clothes, and you're feeling pretty good about how you look, then you see a photo of yourself, and wonder, "Who is that person, because that heavy aging woman, with the awkward length hair, certainly can't be me?" Yeah, thats my life right now. I was wearing one of my new outfits for Mothers Day yesterday, and feeling pretty good, thinking I looked like this, (because most of my life I looked like this only with bigger boobs, though I always thought I was fat.)

But in the oh so harsh, menopausal reality, I'm looking like this:

The sad thing is, I know it only gets worse from here. Somebody please find me an extra large rock to hide under.
Other than this dose of reality, I had a great mothers day. I received two sweet and funny cards from Oiver and Megan, got a call from Jessica, and one from my stepson Brett, with Duncan, Audrey and Olive all shouting, "Happy Mothers Day," to sweet, I nearly cried, and Brewier took me for a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway. As always the views were breath taking.

I still am giddy over the fact I get to live here. Not a day goes by that Megan and I don't mention how much we love it here.


Elizabeth said...

You do not look like you think, but I know how that is when you think you look a certain way in an outfit then the photo shows another story!!! I have recently run into some really cute elderly ladies dressed really hip and cool, and I always want to snap a photo of them to steal their look.

Love that view!! I feel that way when I go through the east bay tunnel and see that large expanse of the bay with the golden gate bridge in the distance...never get tired of seeing that beautiful view!

Brewier Welch said...

Just stop it. You have always looked better then you thought you did at the time. You have even realized it in looking back at old photos. So, just stop it. You aren't going to look like a 20 year old but you still look great.

Vickie said...

I think you look great! And I agree with what Brewier says. I've always had the same problem and you know what, I don't really care anymore. I'm just happy to be here!

LindaSue said...

see there - Brewier is VERY smart and good observer - you're a very attractive woman - you look like a real woman -xurves not plastic and hard
I am MUCH heavier than you - recently bought almost a new wardrobe (just started dating OMGoodness what a shock at this age) - had to be almost buck nekkid in a dressing room with a personal shopper young enough to be my grandchild! Ya know what - my parts don't look all toned and tight but they work!
Best parts of a real woman are rarely visible to anyone (except spouses and lovers) - heart, mind and spirit -

LindaSue said...

oh and a dear friend knows the people featured here (she lives in London) and while most are a good deal older than you - wow what flair

Deb said...

I think you look fabulous! You have great style. Myself being post menopausal I do understand where you're coming from though.