Saturday, April 12, 2014

Maybe We Spend Too Much Time There.

Olivers daily request these days is to, "Go to the winery." Yes, he loves our trips to the Biltmore winery because if we sample wine, he gets a free glass of grape juice. The thing is; I don't really care for most of the wines there. Although they have won many awards, even the dryer wines are a bit on the sweet side, I'm assuming so that they will appeal to a broader clientel. Olivers other daily request is to, "Go back to the trees and the wild." We've beeen listening to Matt Pond, and those are the lyrics to one of his songs. I'm trying to convince Brewier to take the boy hiking up a mountian; right now the two of them are outside doing yard work
This morning Oliver helped Poppie change a flat tire. He took off, and replaced all the lug nuts...probably the highlight of his week.

The Biltmore beautiful and in full bloom now.

Crazy kids.

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