Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Wasn't Allergies.

I've been sick since my last blog post. 102 fever, can't breathe, smell or taste sick...and I'm still in that condition, though the temperature has dropped to 100. Oliver was a trooper while Megan was gone, and while I lay on the sofa surrounded by Kleenex, he entertained himself with my sewing things that were left on the dining room table. He unrolled an entire spool of thread, got it knotted in his bike, (which I was letting him ride around inside,) then delighted in cutting the mess off his bike with grownup scissors. The highlight of his days was when I'd let him sit on the counter next to the sink while I used the neti pot, and he used a spoon to catch the water coming out of my nose. Brewier has photos. There was also a lot of jumping up and down on furniture as well as some aerial stunts, but I promised Oliver we wouldn't tell mommy about that.

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Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear of your illness :( Oliver looks like he was a good boy, and I love how he fell asleep like a little old man with his hand tucked in his waistband haahaha. I put op a blog post with pictures of my new place. For some reason, networked blogs didn't update it on my Facebook feed :(