Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Insert Something Interesting Here

Nothing exciting going on...we had a very nice weekend, sunny skies and 80 degrees; today its extremely windy, and has rained, hailed and snowed. Guess which makes me happier? Brewier took advantage of the nice weather to clean up the yard and drain the koi/tadpole pond, but not before saving some future frogs for Oliver.

Spring is here and the dofwoods are beautiful...I just hope everything doesn't freeze tonight.

It was a little cooler yesterday, 60 degrees, so we went walking. Oliver said he was too hot and insisted on taking his shirt off. He'd never make it in Florida.

Everytime I go into my closet I get depressed. Everything is too small, (and I just ate 4 cookies to comfort myself...yeah, that didnt work.) I have 2 pairs of pants, a couple of shirts and a couple of dresses, and everything is black or grey. I have vowed to put more color in my wardrobe; I'd love plums and olive green to greet me when I open my closet door. Today I went to TJMax to shop. Its even more depressing than my closet. Poor construction and not a natural fiber to be found. These were my choices at the store. Yes, there is a hot pink polo shirt. I don't do polo shirts. I'm ready to get a sewing form and start making my own clothes.

For some reason Flikr won't post my last photo, so just imagine a sea of polyester grey, white, and black with a slice of hot pink.

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LindaSue said...

about the eating cookies to comfort oneself for gaining weight - yes ma'am - got on scales this morning and nearly cried - I keep doing this to myself and know there is some deep reason for it other than mere gluttony, or maybe not in my case.
Oh bless your heart Oliver - being to hot is a bad thing.
Clothes shopping - meh - I keep thinking about trying to use Nordstrom's "free" personal shopper -