Thursday, April 03, 2014

Going to Greenville...Not So Much.

I read like old people read the obituaries, and when I saw that Greenville, SC was in the top 5 worst cities in the nation for pollen today, we nixed our trip there, and went to Mountain Mojo instead. We haven't been to Greenville since last summer, as our main reason for going was to hit up Trader Joes and Costco; now that we have a TJ, the hour and a half trip isn't so enticing. But the city does have an Anthropologie and a Chipotle, soooo, Im sure we will be headed that way soon. Today was spent unpacking the craft room, (still!) moving art around to different walls, and posting several things to Craigslist to sell. Once I get rid of some furniture, I'll take pictures of our new home. Right now it still borders on being an obstacle course.
I was hoping to post more pictures of our stroll around downtown; but they are on Megans camera, and Im waiting for here to send them to me. Instead You get pictures of Oliver playing in the pond, that has no koi, but does have a bajillion tadpoles, in all stages of development, swimming around.


Elizabeth said...

He is getting so big! Such cute pictures of him :)

I'll be doing the obstacle course soon :( I don't even know when to start boxing stuff up. I'm looking at a house tomorrow that is in the portfolio of the property management that we are currently under. There is zip on Craig's list, so this may just be our only choice. I'll do a post tomorrow (Friday) if we decide to take it.

LindaSue said...

tadpoles - a delight whether you are Oliver's age or mine! Wise choice to avoid high pollen areas - we're having a rough spring with mountain cedar pollen blowing up from south of us.
TJ's is a favorite - I love their house brand dill pickles and prices for fresh plants/flowers are so reasonable.