Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Is it allergies or a cold? They both are so similar, and I'm feeling worse as the day goes on. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but Megan is driving to DC tomorrow to attend the US Science and Engineering Festival, for which she designed the poster. I will have Oliver for 4 days. By. Myself. Well...Brewier comes home Friday night, so, 2 days, By. Myself. And Im sick like Meg Ryan on You've Got Mail. A wet, crumpled tissue, snow, has fallen all over my house. I've spent the day watching Limitless, and pinning things to my style board. Megan received her first, Stitch Fix box, and they did such a great job for her I decided to give it a try, (and earned her a $25 credit.) Unfortunately the style I love doesn't really mesh with my life style,so it will be interesting to see what they send me. I've been spending lots of time on You Look Fab, trying to figure out a wardrobe for myself. Sarah recommended the site and I've been having great fun seeing what other people wear and getting inspired to try some of their looks. I've taken a few pictures of my outfits but have been to chicken to post them. I was going to show them to you, but FLickr is down. It must be a sign to keep them to myself. You can see my toned down style board here.

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