Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yes! Yes! Yes!

(To quote Meg Ryan.)
I have my new computer and can blog again! Oh the excitement! I kept trying to post from my iPad, but neither the app, or the browser would let me post. All my writing just vanished, not even saved in draft. So here is a weeks worth of catch up.
This was taken in my back yard on March 24th.

And this was what we woke up to on March 25th, which was by far the strangest day of weather I've ever experienced, (and I've lived in Tx and Fl,) and by strange, I mean awesome. Twenty minutes of brilliant blue, sunny skies, followed by 20 minutes of blinding snow and dark grey skies. All. Day. Long. Loved it.

Megan was a vendor at a science expo today. Wednesday while having our morning coffee at Mountain Mojo, (we really do go every day they are open,) She was lamenting the fact she would have to do the show alone, and how she missed her best friend Shirlee, and how great it was when Shirlee helped her with shows. We looked up tickets, messaged Shirlee, and less than 24 hours later, she and baby Joseph were in Asheville, and they get to stay a week!

We hit Mojo right after picking Shirlee up at the airport.

Brewier and I had Oliver all day today, and had so much fun. We took him to a used furniture store, and he found a child sized rocking chair. He was so excited sitting in it and rocking, happy to be in a chair that was just his size. As we walked around the store, he would go back to the chair to sit and rock, asking if we could buy it and take it to the tree house. Yes, we bought it for him and he has been sitting in it all afternoon.

I wish I could remember the rest of last week...oh well.

Tonight Sarah, John and Ethan are going to be on ABC's Nightline Prime at 10pm est. Read about it here.


Darlene Sherwood said...

So glad you are back online in a "bigger" way.
How great that Shirley could be there!
Love the photos. (:

LindaSue said...

hooray for your return - way to go Oliver - I also like a good rocking chair. Wow Megan looks terrific, what a blessing to have her friend Shirlee available to help and visit.
Oh my goodness - the whole hoax thing - made me nauseated - Ellie and the whole Skees family was prayed for so fervently and the story shared beautifully then to have some mean and greedy person use the precious story - oh well - right won out