Sunday, March 02, 2014

We've moved.

Oh my goodness, what a week...where do I begin? First of all, we were all sick, making packing and moving, extra taxing. There was the new carpet problem, which Brewier is solving with a three step carpet sealer. He worked all weekend on that and we are waiting for the product to cure. After moving in we realized the owners had put new vinyl in the bathroom, so Brewier spent today ripping that out, ( we plan on tiling it.) In the meantime, this is where I slept the first night in our new home.


I actually enjoyed sleeping in my make shift tent. It was 31 degrees out so I layered a wool rug, and memory foam topper for my mattress, then wore Megans winter coat and wrapped up in my down duvet. With Olivers tent protecting my upper half from the dew and the wind, I was quite cozy. I had planned on sleeping out there again tonight, but its supposed to rain.
I'm kind of disappointed.

Thursday our movers arrived and we soon realized that there was no way all of our stuff would fit in the new house, so everything we didnt want to take with us, we put in the sunroom. I put an ad on Craigslist, and the next morning we pulled everything out on to the front terrace and had a yard sale. We sold every single thing.


Oliver in a very crowded sunroom.


Now that we are in our new house, we've decided to go though all of our possesions once again, and eliminate more. It's very freeing.
Our house is still full of boxes, and quite a mess, but to Oliver it is already home. We went back to, "The white house," to get out mail, and oliver cried out, "I don't want to be here, I want to go home."


Elizabeth said...

Glad you are getting settled in! You are a brave woman to sleep out there! Hope all gets solved with the fume situation

Vickie said...

That's very good that Oliver has accepted the new place as his home.

Vickie said...

That's very good that Oliver has accepted the new place as his home.

LindaSue said...

I think the camping out thing looks fun - quite a lovely setting. Yes it is freeing to get rid of STUFF - I still have a ways to go deciding what to sell, what to trash and what to give to friends (most of it is my late husband's tool/workshop stuff)
Hooray for Oliver - a most adaptable young man