Friday, March 14, 2014

....It Is What I Prayed For.

When we were looking for a house to lease I had checklist that I prayed about. I wanted a house in North Asheville, not too far from the center of town, but far enough out to be away from the car exhaust pollution. I wanted to live higher up on a mountain, so we would have a view, and again, to be away from pollution. I prayed for Megan and Oliver to have their own space with a living room, bedroom, and bathroom; and for Oliver to have outdoor space to roam about and be a boy. I wanted a kitchen both Megan and I could work in, and a gas stove top. I wanted an foyer, (always important to me,) with a coat closet, and a craft room, close to the main living space, so I wouldn't be far from everyone. I prayed for a small master bathroom, and that the master would have a walk in closet. I asked for a smaller house so I would be forced to go through my belongings and eliminate things I didn't really need.
So while I've been ungrateful, whining about the challanges of this house, and the things I don't like, the Lord answered my prayer and gave me all those things I asked for.
We are getting settled in, and I'm actually enjoying the challange of decorating around yellow walls; and everyday I'm thankful they weren't painted blue. At night we can sit in the living room and look out the high modern windows and see a black sky filled with stars.
The yellow and mustard colored walls, and giant windows.


Today I hung up these curtains, (from World Market, and yes they are the same ones I bought and returned for my bedroom in the,"white house.") I'm hoping the pattern and blue/grey color will divert your eye from the wall color.


My craft room waiting to be organized. Unfortunately my craft room shlves are buried in the garage, and until I can get them in the house, my room will look like this.


I'm really hoping that by next week, all the boxes will be unpacked and out of the house, and I can take some photos.


Elizabeth said...

I think once you adjust to the size, everything else will grow on you. Like I have mentioned before, our rental has very odd quirks to it as well, like a mauve tiled bathroom hahaha. But everyone love that silly thing because of the size etc.
Have you guys decided to stay put, regardless of the building that is going on? I hope for your sake, the building pollution is minimal and you can still stay, so you won't have to keep looking.

LindaSue said...

good for you - seeing what you have not what you don't have - I LOVE the windows and view - that is worth a great deal of downsize agony. God knows where we want to be and where He wants us - His location location location is always best

J said...

Attitude is everything! You will make it a fabulous home!

J said...

Attitude is everything! You will make it a fabulous home!