Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Impressed With What's In His Pants.

Saturday afternoon we went walking downtown. It was a beautiful spring day,( though right now we are getting freezing rain,) and all the buskers and street performers were out in full force, including this guy on the corner. He was so still and expressionless, that we thought it might be a mannequin.


Once you put money in his tin can, he would stand up and tip his hat, still expressionless, then resume his half sitting, half standing position.


We all started wondering what kind of apparatus he had in his pants that allowed him to hold that position for hours. Very impressive indeed..

Upon returning home, we noted that our giant garbage can had been dumped over I our driveway, and the bags of trash torn open. I went into the house and out on the back deck and saw bears feasting in the backyard, on our refuse.

March 15

They were back again this morning. Our trash can is now in the garage.
Oliver has become quite the little mountain man, and is unimpressed with the bears, just as Floridians are with gators.

March 15


Just Me said...

Oliver is now a little Davy Crockett. What a great playground he now has. Oliver is cute that half-sitting-leaning guy is weird. :0

When my mom lived in the mountains in Georgia, I had brought her three big bags of fresh cranberries from our Canadian bog. She had a freezer outside in their carport and she came home one day to discover the bears had opened it and were eating the cranberries. I hope they enjoyed them as it was an expensive meal.

LindaSue said...

OK I won't even go there about being impressed with what is in some mans' pants - far too much leeway for me to get out of line!
Good for Oliver - 'tis a bit close for bear encountering in my book but then I live where deer, raccoons and coyotes are the large animals.