Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Before Facebook.

In 2002, when I started blogging, Facebook didn't exist. Instead up minute by minute updates of what you were eating, reading, or listening to, you'd list everything on the sidebar of your blog...and you also wrote all the HTML. Ah, the good old days.
I had wanted to instal my old template, sort of a flashback, but I had to return my new computer to Apple, as it was a dud. Truly I am electronically cursed...and blogging from my iPad. So instead, I'll just tell you what I'm up to.
Reading: The Tao of Willie, by Willie Nelson.
Drinking: Americanos from Mountain Mojo. Seriously the best coffee I've ever had, and you know how picky I am.
Listening: the Ben Lee station on Pandora
Eating: way too much sugar. I'm starting to resemble the muffins I consume.
Making: Beef stew.
Thinking: maybe dreading would be a better word. I went outside this afternoon and it felt so warm. I thought about opening up the house, except that it is now pollen season...acho. I went online to see what the temperature was. Forty eight degrees people. I'm going to die this summer.
This little guy was so happy this morning at the coffee house, lining rocks along the chair. Right now he's cuddling his mamma, running fever and saying he feels bad :(


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