Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yes, We Did Find a House.

Instead of whining, I'll start with the positive aspcets of our move. Yay! We get to stay in Asheville. Our new living quarters will be just 2.5 miles north of where we are living now. The kitchen is pretty good and has a duel fuel range. I've never used propane before; I'm assuming its not too different than natural gas. The home is up a mini mountain...oh yeah, it's called a hill, and is on a wooded lot. It feels like we are in a tree house, which is pretty cool
Now for the whine. The house is small. Small as in the living space, kitchen, dining, and living room, are all one room that would fit into my current kitchen. There is brand new carpet on the stairs going up to the master and in a storage room off the master. The entire basement is carpeted, and the walls are a yucky mustard yellow. All the carpet freaks me out. I've ordered a product made for chemically sensitive people, that is supposed to seal and lock in all the chemical outgassing. It arrives Wednesday or Thursday; hopefully Wed. so Brewier can apply it before we move in, otherwise; Florida, here I come.

The kitchen and dining area.


The family room.

family room

Yep. Thats it.


Just Me said...

Tricia, I hope the carpet issue can be fixed by the ordered product. Happy you are still in beautiful Ashville but I understand completely that it will take a time of adjustment from where you have been to something smaller and different in size and location. I agree with Brewier it was 'rude' of the owners to want to live in their home. :-) From being a faithful reader of your blog for years, I think that you will work your magic and turn small into petite chic in no time. The tree house aspect looks like a paradise for Oliver.

Elizabeth said...

I like the kitchen. Can you paint the walls a new color? You should see my larger bathroom. It is all mauve tile, but I jazzed it up with Pottery Barn stuff and now it has kind of grown on me. I really hope the carpet thing works too. I think it will take a bit of time to adjust, but like the above person said, you will work your magic! We once lived in a much smaller house than now, and I think I still love that one better, and still have dreams about it! It had more charm and you get use to the closeness.

Tracy said...

So happy you finally found a place, even though it's not ideal!

Vickie said...

I like the kitchen.