Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Rest of My Florida Trip...

involves alot of photos and selfies, which my grandaughters love.
While Tuesday was typical sunshine state weather; sunny and in the 80's, Wednesday hit us like winter in Asheville. Rainy and quite chilly with temperatures int he 50's. I know that doesn't sound cold, but 53 in Orlando feels like 23 in Asheville. Megan either had a stomach virus or food poisoning so I stayed in, watching Oliver and trying to get her to sip beverages. Jessica and the kids were supposed to come over, but they too were sick; though my mom and her sister Linda stopped by for a short visit. Do I have any photos from Wednesday? No I do not.
Thursday Megan was still under the weather, but Jessicas kids were not, so they drove over to spend the day with us.


Yep. Selfies.



Photo bombed by Oliver. Try to get him in a photo and he protests; ignore him, and this is what happens.

Megan was kind enough to watch the kids while Jessica, Jackson and I went out for coffee and Bluebird cupcakes.


We had enough devices to keep all the kids busy and happy.


Once home, Melissa and Gator stopped by. Jackson loves his aunt Melissa.


Friday was a bust, with plans falling through, and continuing cold weather, so we stayed in and packed our suitcases. Melissa and Sam stopped by in the afternoon, and we conspired, making plans for Sam to come spend a week with me in the summer.
Saturday was over cast making for lovely drivving weather, and we made it home in 8 1/2 hours, which is great time, and Brewier was here to great us; and thanks to Brewier I walked into a spotlss kitchen...which is not the way I left it <3

To give you an idea of what its like when I visit Fl and stay with Mark and Darlene, Mark texted Dar and told her, "I'm going to the shooting range where it is quieter."

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LindaSue said...

what a hoot about shooting range quieter than y'all gathering!
Sorry about the whole being sick thing for Megan - rough to be away from home and feel funky. Glad you were able to spend time with those gorgeous grandchildren -
yep Brewier obviously got major "Great Spouse" points with the clean kitchen