Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Hunt Continues.

I just couldn't bring myself to blog last night, as the day was filled with more disapointment. I drove to Hendersonville to look at a house that sounded great. Hardwod floors, central air conditioning, older construction. When we pulled up, it looked shabbier than the pictures, but I can deal with that; but when we stepped inside, I was assaulted with the smell of mold and immediately started having trouble breathing. The realtor acted cluless. "Mold? Really?"
The second house was just a drive by. I knew a couple of the bedrooms had carpet, but i figured we could at least see if it was promising. The house was 30 minutes outside of Asheville and had had fantastic views, other than the house being built right next to it. New constuction...a killer for me.
On our way home we passed a little coffee house, Mountain Mojo, that I'd been wanting to stop by for months. Its all by itself in the middle of nowhere.


I'm so happy we stopped as they made me the best americano I've ever had; so good that we drove back today. They have wonderful baked goods too, all made in house.


After coffee we stopped by U-haul for boxes and wrapping paer, then went to Target where I finally bought myself some winter gloves. I'd been wearing a pair of fuzzy purple dollar spot goves that were just not cutting it. Leopard suits me so much better, I also bought a leopard belt, because you can neve own too many leopard accssories.



LindaSue said...

and I admit to my less than glamour option - just bought a new pair of goat skin work gloves - loving them but definitely not the style of your lovely choice!
Sorry about the house search - hooray on good coffee shop - when still a real estate broker - showed a couple of places I didn't think I'd get out of without passing out - one old house, had water leaking into foundation and so much mold it overwhelmed me in a short time. Buyers kept saying "oh we can fix that" - I assured them nope - you can't - they have small children and I couldn't in good conscience allow misguided bargain hunters to saddle themselves with something better slated for demolition!
whew - pushed my button huh?
I see you got the gloves with touch screen fingertips - very cool and techno chic

Elizabeth said...

Oh Tricia, I'm so sorry to hear you haven't found anything :( Gloves are cool :) Our weather had finally taken a turn for the winter! Rain is on its way for this poor thirsty state!