Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Still Waiting ...

Everyday the local news tells us to be prepared for the crazy scary snow storm, and we are still waiting for it to arrive and All the snow we got yesterday has melted. Now they are saying that tomorrow will be our big snow, power outage day. We'll see. After Oliver's gymnastic class this morning, we went to Mountain Mojo for Americanos. So good. Oliver enjoys going too; yesterday afternoon he kept saying, "let's go to the coffee house." I think he likes flirting with the pretty baristas. I contacted the woman about renting her house,
and she said she was expecting to get an offer today and she will let me know ASAP if the offer falls through. I'm blogging from my iPad, and instead of putting this photo of the Grove Park Inn at the bottom of the post, it stuck it in the middle. I'm finding that trying to use my iPad as a computer to be very frustrating.

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LindaSue said...

Hoping for good outcome with house in your neighborhood.
I can do quite a bit with my Kindle Fire HDX but don't try to mess with pictures yet - I'm a slower learner!
Storm appears to be moving into the southeast now - dadgum long winter and too MUCH ice (I've been housebound several times - chicken to risk the old lady's nemesis - broken hip!)