Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saying Goodbye.

Its a beautiful day here; 60 degrees and sunny. In Florida I would have needed a coat on; here, I'm outside in a short sleeved dress with no sweater. I should be packing...there is so much to do before we move on Thursday, but instead I'm sitting on our porch veranda, enjoying my last Saturday on Kimberly Ave, listening to the cars go by, watching all the people out walking, wondering why all the busses are going to the Grove Park Inn, (Art and Craft Festival.) I'm sad and fighting back tears. This has been such a wonderful home to live in for the past year; not just because of its size and elegance, but in my entire life, this is the first house I have ever lived in that felt like it was a part of me and not just a building.



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Just Me said...

I'm hoping for a 'ground hog' day for you where you continue to sit on your lovely porch and watch the world go by. The only place I've ever lived that felt like I belonged was when I was seven in NY. A house covered by ivy with a secret hiding place. Enjoy your porch,