Thursday, February 06, 2014

New Things.

This year I'm making an effort to do, and try new things; pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Last month I started making phone calls to set up appointments to look at houses. Normally Brewier does all of this because I do not talk on the phone. Text, video chat, instant message, not a problem; the phone, I hate. Except now, I don't hate it so much, and can actually converse with strangers. Yesterday I went walking around downtown by myself, and I enjoyed it. For a long time I'd only go out if someone were with me, mainly because of my asthma and allergic reaction issues, but now that I'm healthier, (and the fragranced tourists aren't here,) I can go out by myself...alot of my idiosyncrasies are due to chemicals and fragrances; they are neurotoxins after all.

Yesterday I took Oliver out on his big wheel. We live at the top of a hill and he likes to FLY down the sidewalk. laughing all the way. I don't need to tell you who gets to carry the big wheel all the way home.


Hot chocolate after the ride.


This morning we went to Sunny Point Cafe for breakfast. I love eating in Asheville. Local pastured eggs, local made sausage, homemade biscuits from scratch. Yum. Yes, I can even sit in the restraunt, because its full of fragrance free locals.



After breakfast we walked around downtown in the 20 degree weather. The yarn shop in the Grove Arcade had a wall full of crazy hats, and a display of beautiful buttons. You can't tell from the picture, but some of theses buttons are 3 inches in diameter!



The rest of my day was devoted to packing and fruitless house hunting. Hmph!


Elizabeth said...

OH my goodness, that breakfast looks wonderful! I'm a breakfast lover, so I would have really enjoyed that plate!
My youngest daughter LOATHES talking on the phone. Both she and her boyfriend have this problem, and I tease them a lot about it!! I don't really have a problem with it. Matter of fact, if i'm on the phone with, lets say a bill or service of some sort, i don't even mind joking with them Hahahah. I'm also a chatty cathy in public too. My kids use to tease me about it all the time. I was the polar opposite as a child though, and was really shy!

LindaSue said...

Ok that plate of breakfast is near torture for me today - I'm back on Atkins - lost a chunk of weight now seeing ounces creep back and gritted teeth (oh heck now I'm thinking about grits and gravy ::sigh::::) and resolved to get back on straight and narrow. Asheville is a charming place - those hats and buttons - oh my I like the purple one on bottom row that looks like a flower -