Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is There a Point Where Zappos Cuts You Off?

If so, I'm certain I'm pretty close to it. I've ordered and returned 21 pairs of boots, and have 3 more pairs that should arrive tomorrow. Yes, I'm a bit picky, but more than that is I have a hard foot to fit, and my ankle tumor, (yep, still have it,) adding to the problem. Last night as I was going out for a walk in the snow, the zipper broke on my only winter footwear. I resorted to packing tape this morning, and snow still got in. 
It was totally worth it though. Other than the few skiers and cyclists, we were the only ones outside enjoying the snow. The empty street is a solid sheet of ice, allowing me so run and slide; I wish we had a sled.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh no :( I hate shoes to be honest :( Because of my hip condition (now fixed finally) I favored the right side and it made that foot spread in a weird way, so that foot is wide and I have a high instep. Shoe companys never make pretty shoes for wide feet. All shoe places like zappos, Nordstrom etc. seem to only carry med. width. Like everyone on this planet has that width?!!!! Then, the only shoes they do have that are made for a wider width are ugly shoes like the brand "Munro", or other orthopedic looking mom shoes!!! Nordstoms has this thing where if you tell them you have a wide foot, but want to try a particular shoe, they bring that shoe, but they are trained to bring others that you may want to try. They always bring out those butt ugly" Munro" shoes! Now I tell them to not waste their time bringing those because I think they are ugly! Hahahahah. I never get excited to go shoe shopping :(