Thursday, January 02, 2014

Today I...

Went and looked at another house walking distance from the one we live in right now. No, its not the one for us either.
Ironed Brewiers shirts.
Went to Trader Joes for coffee, half an half, and all kinds of vegetables so I can start cleaning up my eating.
I then came home and made chocolate chip cookies. I stress bake.
Spent the evening listening to the wind howl, and watching the snow fall, while playing Dice With Friends, with Sarah and Belinda; it really makes me feel more conected to people.

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LindaSue said...

Wish I just did the baking part - I bake and eat - so have been working on NOT having all the ingredients available to make what I truly desire to eat - like hot chocolate chip cookies with orange juice - yummm
Good will power - Trader Joe's and NOT buying some of those fabulous chocolate bars - I have a huge bag of mixed kale, chard and spinach - must start eating it up
then I'll be clean right?
so still trying to stay in Asheville?