Saturday, January 18, 2014


I can't believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday...probably because everyday goes like this. Search the internet for house to rent in Asheville. Cry because there aren't any. Pack boxes becaue we will be moving next month. Stress eat chocolate chips as I ponder what it's going to be like living in my car.
It's been pretty cold here and we have snow; Megans friend Melissa, uses her very long hair as a scarf :)



Elizabeth said...

Can the owners of the house you are in give you a small extension? I once tried going to a few Realtors to see if they have any Leases. I know for the most part that everyone uses Craig's list, but sometimes there are some connected to realtors. Worth a shot??

LindaSue said...

good suggestion from Elizabeth
oh my - I'm trying to grow out my hair after wearing a pixie aka Dame Judy Dench style for years - but that young woman has some Rapunzel length there!
Just for the heck of it I googled some old realtor haunts (what I could get into without still being current on my licensing) - you are in a sad situation with the leasing in Asheville and property is SO expensive. Any towns nearby which are possibilities?