Friday, January 31, 2014

MIA in Florida

Monday Megan Oliver and I drove to Florida, stopping at Daytona Beach along the way. Oliver had been begging to visit the beach...he still remembers going when we lived in Florida; and he still has no fear, running into the water, taking a dive, only to pop up smiling and saying, "Mmmm, that's tasty!"





While we were only on the beach 20 minutes, most of that time being overcast, I managed to get sunburned. Sun damage is why I'm in FL. I had a Dr's appointment Tuesday morning with my dermatologist to inspect a couple of suspicious spots. I'm glad I didn't wait four months to see a Dr in Asheville, because my spots were of the cancerous nature, and hopefully this vist took care of them.
While here I was able to spend an entire day with Renee! That never happens...and I think it was the first time in 24 years we didn't have a kid or two with us.


We ate lunch in the park, walked Park Ave where I fell in love with this chandelier, and this car.



After a fun filled afternoon, we went back to Renees house and drank prosecco by the pool; all of this while the rest of the south was experiencing record snowfall and icy roads.



We even had a visit from Good Queen Bess.


After work, Sarah joined us in our festivities, then around 7 the two of us left and ate fried shrimp at Bostons...and that was my Tuesday.


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LindaSue said...

Good to hear of a warmer pleasant trip for y'all - golly your daughter is a good looking woman (comes from good stock eh?)
Hi Sweet Sarah - looking luverly as always.
I've lived in the West most of my life - sun damage is definitely showing up.