Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Like I Said, I Have The Best of Friends.

And they drove all the way from Florida to spend New Years Eve with us. David, Renee, Eva, and Sara. Ok, so Sara now lives in NC, but she did drive 2 1/2 hours to get here.




As you can see, we are a wild bunch.
Sara led us in midnight yoga. Only David was brace enough to join in.




Renee pointing out Saturn on Olivers pj's.


Afternoon nap time.


P.S. I never changed out of my pajamas, and I've eaten all the junk food in my house so I can start eating healthy tomorrow. That makes sense, right?

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LindaSue said...

I always think I need to clear out the junk food and no better place than down my gullet!
You DO have the absolutely best friends and I have come to realize - it is YOU who brings out the best in them - no other possible explanation for it. hehehe
Best of everything to you and yours in 2014 -- gotta be a good one starting off so well