Thursday, January 09, 2014

"I Like Her!"

I finally got around to finishing my mink and cashmere pillow the other night. Honestly I had forgotten all about it, until I started going through my sewing pile. The next morning Oliver spied it on a dining room chair and claimed it for his own, hugging it and carrying it around the house, telling me, "I like her." I find this interesting because he has never given any of his toys or stuffed animals a gender. My theory is that the pillow is very soft and squishy, like boobs, so in his eyes it's a, "her."



This morning I went to one of our thrift stores that gets in whole estates to sell. I've been keeping an eye out for a piece similar to this one, for in our dining room...wherever that may be.


I found this at the sale and am hoping it is still there when everything gets marked to half price. Painted black, it would have the same feel of the one in the magazine.



Elizabeth said...

I keep checking on here everyday for some good news. Nicole is also looking for a new flat, so between the two of you I'm saying lots of prayers!

LindaSue said...

would you change out the hardware also? hope you acquire it at half price.
Nice feeling furnishings - I've gotten more fond of my leather chair - thought at first it would be as much tactile pleasure as fabrics but I'd adapted.
Boobs eh? rather hairy ones but I can see the connection - LOL