Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites.

Because I don't want to tell about the two, sad, small houses we saw today, I give you my favorite things

This clock I found on Etsy. I desperatly want it for my clock collection.


This painting by Bo Bartlett, from his Manifest Destiny series; also on my wishlist.

bo bartlett

Playing blocks with Oliver.


And this stylish guy who is home for the weekend.



Elizabeth said...

LOVE that clock! I have a thing for time pieces myself!

Jane said...

Wish you lived next door. You could've come to my Favorite Things party tonight...

LindaSue said...

where ARE you??? thinking of y'all when I see the weather report - hope you aren't frozen or suffering from an overdose of hot cocoa and popcorn!
thinking of you --- praying all it going well