Friday, December 27, 2013

The Trinity

My birthday, Christmas Eve, and was a three day party here and kind of a blur as one day blends into the other and it's hard to remember what I did. Brewier did come home for my birthday, and we looked at a house located just a few houses down from us. Unfortunately there was new carpet in the basement and it was another short term lease; the same situation we are in now, where the couple is retiring in the summer, and is looking for someone to rent their house until they move in. Christmas eve we all went out in the morning to run errands, but it was really too cold to do much more than that. It even snowed tiny little flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground, but it did snow. In the evening we had our Christmas dinner and opened stockings; Oliver was so excited over his little presents. Christmas morning we got up ate breakfast and chatted with Ray and Jessica before opening our gifts. Yes, Oliver was that patient, and the wait paid off as his other grandmother gave him a motorized car to ride. I was really surprised and excited to get a combination sewing/embroidery machine. By this time next year everything in my house will be monogramed. Later in the morning we drove to the Biltmore with plans of walking around, but as I started walking from the parking lot to the house I realized it was just too cold for my fragile lungs, so we went home and watched movies. In the evening we played Yahtzee, (another one of my Christmas gifts,) drank prossecco and had snacks.So yeah, basically we spent three days eating and lazing around.
Today was spent taking down and packing away everything Christmas. Normally I wait until January, but with our impending move, I need to get it done so I can start packing up the house. I was listening to Christmas songs while I did it, and while they normally sound cheerful and bright they all seemed so melancholy now that Christmas is over. Seriously, I could have cried while, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and White Christmas were playing.


Oliver was really excited to have his own knife at the table.





The kid makes funny faces, just like me.



He enjoyed riding the car in the drive way but really wanted to take it on the street.




The machine!



LindaSue said...

monogram madness strikes the household! Sounds like a very good Christmas - I didn't put up any decorations so nothing to take down. Still have cards on every flat surface in living area! People are so kind and I'm so lazy -ecards tend to be my style - I pretend it is because I'm frugal and ecologically aware - reality is - I'm a Pro at crastination!
Had food poisoning for my Christmas joy - cancelled out on a number of much anticipated Christmas events/gatherings - wonderful I have had so very many grand Christmas celebrations - 2013 for me was Meh

Elizabeth said...

Oh boy that sewing machine looks like a lot of fun! Looks like you had a nice relaxing Christmas! I think I already told you this, but you have my brother's birthday :) Yet one more link we share!