Monday, December 09, 2013

So That's How It Happens.

I see the status on Facebook fairly often. "Oh no! My phone fell in the toilet!" I have had a cell phone since the mid 1990's, and never had such a thing happen, nor could I concieve how it could happen...until now, because, my phone fell in the toilet. I went to visit my brother Greg and take a tour of his new house and farm. Not wanting to lug my handbag around, I uncharacteristically slipped my less than a year old iphone into the back pocket of my jeans. Greg showed me around his lovely home, then before going outside to see the animals, I went to use the bathroom. I sat down, peed, then stood, pulled up my jeans, and heard somethng fall into the toilet. I whipped around and saw my phone at the bottom of the porcelain throne, and then remembered I had put it in my pocket. With only the slightest hesitation, I reached down and pulled my phone out, and in what is not the smartest move, I did a quick rinse under the faucet. While urine is sterile, a toilet is not. I took my phone out of its pretty sparkly case, (not an easy thing,) then tryed to get as much water off and out of my phone as i could. This is when Brewier decided to facetime did not go well. I took my phone outside and put it in the hot, bright Florida sunshine,hoping that whatever water was inside would evaporate. I also stopped at Micheals and bought some silica, used in drying flowers, and put my phone in it over night. Thankfully, my phone seems to be working fine, but the last half of my Orlando trip is pictureless. What I do have:

My brother Greg walking to my car from his barn.


Oliver wearing Eileens watch.


Our old house, in desperate need of attention, as seen from Eileens front porch.


My mom making me lunch :)



LindaSue said...

Tricia boldly goes where she never thought she would - porcelain throne diving for the elusive iPhone. Glad you were able to save it - really and truly as costly as the blamed things are they SHOULD be water resistant - but then we wouldn't have to buy another so quickly or pay for "insurance" against potty mishaps. Ah the agony of technology - the glory of outwitting water damage.

Meghan Welch said...

I did the same exact thing at a restaurant a few months ago. Unfortunately my phone didn't fair as well. It still works but not very well. I have 6 months until I can upgrade but who's counting? :p

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear! I had mine in my back pocket once in the bathroom and as I was pulling my pants up I panicked and thinking how close I had come to it falling in the toilet, so I can easily see how people do this. Glad you were able to bring it back to tech health! My iphone is so old, it is the second generation 3G not even the 3Gs so I kinda want mine to fall in the toilet! Hahahahah