Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snippets Of My Life.

Today I'm loving this video. How had I never seen it before?

Yesterday morning while Oliver was still asleep, I hung ornaments on the impaler. Being a very observant boy, he noticed them as soon as he walked down the stairs. "Maemae!" He exclaimed. "You put beautiful ornaments on! The table is so pretty." While I love his appreciation of beauty, I think he needs some men to hang around.


Oliver loved helping to decorate the tree. Brewier said I could redecorate it while he was asleep. but Oliver would notice that I moved his ornaments, and I would miss seeing all his hard work.


The boy likes to take pictures using my phone and I never know what will be revealed when I download the photos. Like this. I have no idea what it is...Megans head perhaps?


I have discovered the joy of wearing a scarf. Not only does it keep me warm, but it hides my aging neck!



LindaSue said...

yep I'm keen on the scarf covers crepey skin myself - yep Oliver probably does need a little more male interaction although he is a sensitive little soul - a friend's oldest child (now 6) is much like Oliver in noticing everything - one of my favorite people - makes doing anything with him a joy.
I think I wasn't in the mood for that video - but it is exquisitely done - subtlety isn't often used in music videos

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Your home always looks like it was plucked from the pages of a home/style magazine.

Also, I ordered my very first ever animal print sweater the other day and totally thought of you! I hope I can pull it off like you do... :)