Thursday, December 05, 2013

No, I Didn't Fall Off the Face of the Earth; I just Slid South.






Despite this being the busiest time of the year for Megan and her business, we decided to go to Florida, for my emotional well being, and visit our friends and family. We left Sunday evening and drove straight through to Jessicas' home in Tampa, arriving just a few hours before the kids woke up. They hadn't been told that I was coming to visit, and were quite shocked and surprised when I was there to greet them. Once everyone was dressed and fed, we got in the car and went to Target. Jessica and I got coffee and made a bee line for the Christmas decorations; it's a tradition for us, while Megan graciously took all the kids to the toy section. After an hour or so of walking around the store, and finding Kate a birthday present, (a Hello Kitty cd player; she turns 5 on Thursday,) we went home and had lunch. After eating we put a movie on for the kids, and Jessica and I went out to walk around Pottery Barn. We don't have one in Asheville, and while I never buy anything there, I love walking around the store and looking at the displays. After playing with the kids, and eating a dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers, Megan, Oliver and myself got back in the car and drove to Orlando. (Jessica has a Classical Conversation event in Lakeland, all week, so it was just a day visit with her.)
I was pretty wiped out once I reached Mark and Darlene's house; it had been 36 hours since I'd slept, so I unloaded the car and went to bed, with out much visiting.
Tuesday we went out to Chamberlins and got juice for breakfast, before going to our old neighborhood to visit with Eileen. I don't think a day goes by, that Megan and I don't mention how much we miss her. She was our, wave hello across the street, stand and talk for an hour before we go inside and have coffee together, neighbor. She adores Oliver and Oliver calls her grammy gram.


In the evening Renee hosted a little party for me, so I could visit with my closest friends all at once.



I can't believe it's Thursday already; we go home early tomorrow morning. I've done so much driving around seeing people, even fitting in a couple of chiropractor visits, the time has flown by! I was really hoping to try and shop a bit while here for some non-Ashevillian clothes. I've tried to embrace the artsy, slightly hippie style that is so prevelant in the city, but it just isn't me.

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Day by Day said...

I had a wonderful time visiting with you. Thank you for the invite. I need to learn to relax for pictures LOL:)