Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm Living In a Movie.

It's Christmas eve and I'm all cozy in front of the fireplace in my movie-esque home while snowflakes dance down from the sky. I told Brewier that we are living in a movie, and replied, "Now if it was just a musical." Well, when he's at work it is. Oliver Megan and myself are often singing and dancing our favorite numbers from movies, our current favorite being, "Holiday Inn." In fact its playing on our tv right now. Oliver was given the choice of watching, "Rudolf," or "Holiday Inn." He chose the latter saying, "Mama, I gotta dance!"

No this isn't my house, it just looks like it. This house is from the movie Father of the Bride.


Something that is not, nor will ever be on my Christmas list. This grotesque rubber chicken handbag and change purse being sold in a pricey boutique, here in Asheville. I thought it was a joke...it's not.


Merry Christmas friends!


Tracy said...

Merry Christmas, Tricia!

LindaSue said...

wonderful sense of peace from you - and totally agree - chicken purses lay an egg in my fashion wish list
Merry Christmas - and boogey on Oliver

Elizabeth said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Oh, and that rubber chicken handbag would probably be on Nicole's wish list for Christmas, and most likely she would be able to rock it! Me....not so much :)