Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hot Dogs, Oatmeal Cookies and Other Stuff.

Have you ever had a craving that just won't go away? I've been craving an oatmeal cookie for three weeks, and eating everything in my pantry, as well as indulging in Megans stash of sweet treats, trying to satiate this desire and avoid making cookies. (Because once I make cookies, I eat them all, usually in a day.) I've also been wanting a hotdog...its' been over a year since I've had one, and I never made it to Hotdog Heaven while in Orlando. Yesterday I caved and bought myself a pack of Hebrew Nationals, and made some oatmeal cookies. I ate two hotdogs for dinner and had eight cookies for dessert, and miraculously suffered no acid indigestion or ill effects; in fact I slept incredibly well. My body must have needed junk food, or my new probiotics are really making a difference, because for breakfast I had a hotdog and four cookies, and it may just be my lunch too; but thats what I do. I get a craving and eat whatever it is until I'm sick of it then develop an aversion to the food. Twenty years ago I made a honey lemon tea bread, ate the entire loaf, and to this day the thought of it makes me sick.
We went to Target yesterday; did you know they carry coats? I didn't until I saw this beauty on a hanger on the back wall of the store. I didn't buy it, hoping it will go on sale after Christmas. I love it as much as I hate Targets age enhancing lighting.


I can never be in Target more than a few minutes, which is a vast improvement over never being able to go into the store when we lived in FL, so Oliver and I wait outside for Megan while she does the shopping. This is Olivers favorite thing to do while we wait. Well, that and sit in the drivers seat of my car and try out every knob, lever and button that there is.


Today I'm going to start bking Christmas cookies, and take photos of the Christmas decorations around the house...and eat some more hotdogs and cookies.


Elizabeth said...

Do you know what I do for the oatmeal cookie craving? I have instant oatmeal every morning with dried cranberries, walnuts and a couple sprinkles of mini chocolate chips, and I feel like I'm eating a cookie every morning :)

The hot dog I can understand too :) We recently met Caitlin and her boyfriend for dinner in the city, and they took us to this cool hot dog place in the trendy Mission district, and they had all kind of the coolest combinations of hot dogs. There was even one that had rattlesnake meat with rabbit!!! I had a chicken truffle one with the best saurkrout (sp?)

I like that coat on you!

Jane said...

MMMMMmmmmm. Hotdogs.