Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is Next Week!

I just realized that this morning. I've addressed my Christmas cards, but have yet to mail them, some gifts are bought but none are wrappped, and most importantly, I haven't baked any cookies. When we lived in FL, I'd start baking as soon as Thanksgiving was over, I think because I needed something to do in the 85 degree weather to make it feel Christmas-y. Now that I live in a state with actual seasons, Christmas has snuck up on me.
Yesterday I went to Mecheals, where all things Christmas were 70% off, so I bought 5 wreaths, for under $2 each, to hang along the stairs. I've been working on my Christmas dining table too.


Over the weekend Brewier and I took Oliver to the Grove Arcade, to see the decorations and to visit Santa.


Olivers reaction to Santa was as I expected. Santa was terrific though and softly sang, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinder," to him.


Today we went to the Biltmore and walked through the first level of the house. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas, with multiple trees in every room, and I wanted so badly to take photos, but it is forbidden, though other people had no problem doing so. I'm such a rule follower and just the thought of snapping a photo makes my heart beat faster.



LindaSue said...

I know what you mean - I'd probably give myself heart palpitations and sweaty feet if I tried to sneak pictures where pictures were forbidden! After all - some designers get paid to do those displays and I suppose imitation may be flattery but it doesn't pay one's bills!
Poor Oliver - and that is a handsome Santa - much better than the average.

Elizabeth said...

Love the table idea with the plates, very cute! When I'm told not to take pictures I respect it as well, especially in museums, because flashes can cause damage to paintings.
I haven't baked anything either, and my house is a flipping tornado right now, because I went for broke and finished all the Christmas shopping yesterday! Well sorta, I still need my sister and her family, but we won't see them until after Christmas so......that can wait right now.
That Santa is so adorable, and really fits the bill!!!