Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Strike.

Megan, Oliver and I went and looked at another house today. It is in Biltmore Forest, an area that makes my street look like the hood. Gorgeous, homes...mansions really, friendly people that waved as we drove by; it is the place to live in Asheville. The house we saw was small, built in the '50's and in desperate need of a remodel...and the owners only want to lease it for a year, after wich they will remodel and move into it. After that disappointment went to do a drive by of another house for rent. This one is 7 miles out of town and sits at 3300 feet; up in the clouds, which Oliver kept saying was , "Really cool. I like it." The house however wasn't really cool and on the small side. We didn't like it so the search continues.

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