Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Impaler Has a Home.

It's the real reason I bought a dining room table. Ok...not really, but it is a nice bonus. After spending months in storage having no surface large enough to place the bottle drying rack on, and being far to dangerous to place on the floor, (hence the nick name, "Impaler,") It now graces the table top.


The view from my house, with the sun making the mountain look as if it's on fire.


Megan and Oliver playing in the leaves this evening and blowing bubbles, while I was inside making apple pie. We've been enjoying a few lazy days now that the time change makes it dark so early.



Elizabeth said...

Very sweet photo of Oliver and Megan :) Today was such a beautiful day here with only a slight chill in the air, but all the trees are on fire with fall colors just like your neighborhood, so pretty isn't it?

LindaSue said...

you acquire the most interesting things - and display your acquisitions with such flair. WOW autumn is rather spectacular there!