Thursday, November 28, 2013


You know those sweet rolls I spent all morning making yesterday? This is where they ended up.


Inedible. Organic everything, and they tasted awful.
Megan went out and picked up the canned kind for her and Brewier, and bought me a can of Immaculate Baking Co. cinnamon rolls to eat while we watched the Macy's parade. I got to video chat with Jessica, Ray and the kids during the parade, which is almost as good as getting to be together.


Oliver helped set the table, while Megan spent most of the afternoon cooking a feast that could have fed at least a dozen people. We had so much food, that we forgot to take the broccoli salad out of the refrigerator. I see lots of leftovers in our future.




Tonight once the boy goes to bed, we are going to watch our traditional Thanksgiving day movie, (usually watched with Mark and Darlene,) "While You Were Sleeping."
I hope your Thanksgiving was as lovely as ours.



Darlene Sherwood said...

Our get together was fun and lively but we missed you and yours! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love the photo of Oliver in front of TV on his scooter. It is so cute.

LindaSue said...

what a shame about the rolls - I had a similar issue with a low carb pumpkin cheesecake - was a total hot mess! oh well - live and learn eh?
Table looked beautiful and who is that handsome couple there - how can they be old enough to have grown children and grands?! well y'all look great -

Elizabeth said...

That is a shame about the cinnamon rolls! Cooking and baking disasters really make me mad for a long time. Like my turkey this year. While in the end everything turned out really good, I had a glitch with the bird. I now have figured out after two turkeys that I will never put it on the rack that comes with my roaster! Live and learn.
Looks like you had a very nice Thanksgiving though, and I love the last picture :)