Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Even though it will just be the four of us for Thanksgiving, (Jessica suggested putting a sign up in our yard asking people to join us,) there is still alot of grocery shopping and prep work to do; and that was our day. We went to three different grocery stores and still managed to forget a couple of things on our list. I'm having a hard time finding decent fresh flowers; I really miss Publix as they never failed me. Once home I started making pie crusts. Oh how I love pie.
I talked to Jessica today and poor little Jackson has a really bad upper respitory infection. It breaks my heart to see little ones so sick...and he's teething too.
It's been raining here since last night, looking all grey and wintery. This little bit of green faerie garden is from a cute shop nearby called Thyme in the Garden.


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LindaSue said...

oh and I love that wagon with a fairy garden in it!
I'm invited to Tday with friends - thank goodness - will just be 7 of us but beats being alone right? I'm making pumpking cheesecake and OH WOW - new recipe to me and the batter was great - hope the finished product is also
Happy Thanksgiving - sorry about little Jackson - babies also seem to be sick around the holidays (in fact I remember when I was away in college - I came home sick most of the time!)
y'all enjoy your time together and bless you -