Saturday, November 30, 2013

Now The Christmas Season Can Begin.



Our city market was having a special holiday market today, so along with the normal edible goods, were local artists selling their wares. Normally we get to market pretty early, around 8:30, but today we were running late, and I thought for sure all the good stuff would be gone. Lucky for us, when we arrived at 9:55, the vendors were still setting up for the 10am opening. Thats how I scored this beautiful wreath. It's made with magnolia leaves, evergreen, winterberry and wax berry.
After the market, Brewier and I went downtown to walk around and watch this glassblower. He makes really lovely ornaments, and some of his work is in the Smithsonian.



This is Joshua, he's a vendor at the tailgate market. He gave up drinking a few years ago and started a love affair with chocolate and baking. He makes beautiful French macaroons, and flourless chocolate cakes.


Faerie doors downtown. I love Asheville.



LindaSue said...

Fabulous wreath - nothing like magnolia leaves for a luxurious look to a holiday decoration! I can see why you love Asheville - and I bet Asheville loves you!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous wreath! Oh my I would love to have one of those fairy doors, they are so darling. Sounds like a fun market with lots of good stuff. I try and participate in small business day, so we hopped in the car after we took my dad to the airport and went to some favorite shops in Berkeley and Oakland.