Thursday, November 07, 2013

My Invitation Must Have Gotten Lost In The Mail.

Right now, across the street from my house, at the Grove Park Inn, there is a massive party going on to celebrate Billy Grahams 95th birthday. Among the 800 guests are the Clintons, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Buses keep rolling by my house, I assume filled with party goers. If only I had a good set of binoculars.
My mom and Dick were here yesterday, on their way back to Florida. I got to take my mom to some of my favorite stores, like the Screen Door. They left early this morning and now are home in Orlando.

mom and me nov 6

Mom and Dick had brunch at the Grove Park Inn and she bought me this snow globe of the inn. It's also a music box that plays, "Let it Snow."

grove park snowglobe

Today was chilly and blustery and wonderful. Oliver and I took a long walk and ended up at the park, where there was this lone beautiful tree, holding on tightly to its leaves.

nov 7

nov 7

My entry hall had a golden glow from the sun hitting this tree...which today, is now bare.

nov 6 front ddoor

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