Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Was Looking At Houses To Rent In Florida.

Winter has arrived.


It is so cold today, I can't seem to get warm. I got up early this morning to go to an estate sale, but didn't stay long or even take any photos because I didn't want to take my hands out of my pockets. At home we all ate breakfast then took Oliver to gymnastics. He wasn't there long as they have installed plug in air fresheners. Knowing that Oliver needed to run around, we took him to the farm at Biltmore. I visited the chickens for a few minutes then headed back to the warmth of the car.

Goat herding at the Biltmore.


The rest of the day has been spent wrapped in a blanket watching Christmas movies, with me feeling extremely lazy, especially as my Facebook feed and Pintrest board keep showing, "motivational," articles, on living your dream, or pursuing your happiness; you only have one life, live it to the max. Yeah.
Sam called me to video chat; he does this a couple of times a month <3 I really miss him and Gator. That's when got online and look for rentals in Orlando... I found a house for rent that is on the street next to Sarah! I have to keep reminding myself how sick I was living there. Megan picked up some Christmas crafts at the dollar spot in Target and Oliver was giggling with happiness and excitement while they crafted together. IMG_3543

Tonight looks like more Christmas movies...or Scandal. I love that show.


Elizabeth said...

I loath those air freshener plug ins. If you want to scare people that use them, tell them that they have been know to start fires in the home ;) My sister kept using them in her kitchen, and they made my eyes water every time I would come and visit. I finally had to beg her to take them out!

It if finally really cold here today too! After our rainstorm it has become quite chilly and windy. I don't mind :)

Meghan Welch said...

Winter gets better. Well you get used to it anyway. :D

LindaSue said...

wow you got a case of dem cold weather house searching blues - sorry it is a tough row to hoe but you can do it - not trying to be motivational but observational - you've done hard things before and with great flair.