Friday, November 22, 2013

I Must Resist.

These beautiful, handmade, expensive clothes by Iveyabitz When I made clothes I always put in french seams and made sure my garment was as pretty inside as out. This designer has the same aesthetic and if I could afford to, I would have this out fit in my closet.


Decorating for Christmas. With all the stores decked out with lights and trees, I want so badly to start transforming the house, but will wait until after Thanksgiving. Really I will.
Along those same lines, I must resist making Christmas cookies, especially since I have no room in the freezer...or my clothes, for the extra weight.


Elizabeth said...

That is how I construct my clothing(French seams) :) Everything has to be perfect on the inside. I have taken out entire seams because they didn't meet my standards! I think this is why it takes me so long to fill my shop! Hahaha. My other pet peeve while surfing other etsy shops with clothing, especially children's, the seams are sometimes not pressed. There is this one popular French hand made on line shop that is quite visible, and every time I see the work, the construction just doesn't cut it for me. Seams don't match or are not pressed. She seems to be quite popular and I don't get it other than she if from France!

I LOVE that outfit too!

Vickie said...

Beautiful outfit! Would love it
P.S. I know you miss your friends and family but you really don't want to live in Florida.