Sunday, November 10, 2013

He Dines.

I have fairie lights wrapped around the impaler, and Oliver has taken on the task of turning them on in the morning and off at bedtime. Everytime he walks up to the table he asks if we can eat there. By the time diner rolls around I've forgotten his request and we eat in the kitchen, so the other morning when he asked to eat his oatmeal in the dining room, alone, I said sure.


We had the most beautiful weather today with the temperature reaching 62. Brewier, Oliver and I took advantage of our presnow balminess, (Snow is expected Tuesday night,) and went to the Biltmore, along with every tourist in a 5 state radius. Christmas decorations are up all over the estate.


The winery has a grape themed tree, and both Brewier and Oliver fell a little in love with the grape lights.



We came across this tree as we were driving behind the Grove Park Inn, and I promise you that this is the last fall tree post I will post this year. It is so brilliant!



LindaSue said...

what a hoot - you can take the boy out of the dining room but you can't take dining room out of the boy - well done Oliver.
EEKKKK Christmas decorations - too soon too soon!

Elizabeth said...

I kind of want those grape lights :) So funny seeing your side board since it is the identical one I have. I think it always classed up the place.