Friday, November 01, 2013

Eleven Years Ago Today,

I started this blog. I think this is the first time I've ever remembered my blog anniversary on its actual day.

Last night instead of sitting in a dark house I went and sat with my neighbor on her porch as she handed out candy to the 300-500 people that stopped by. I say, "People," because the age of the trick or treaters ranged from infant, to a woman, in costume, who was at least my age. Quite a few adults came by costumed and looking for candy. While some kids didn't bother with a costume, others were really creative with their attire. There was a group of three kids, obviously siblings, who were magnificently dressed; one as a music box, one as a mime and the littlest as a marionette. It's a shame they seemed to be having so little fun, and I had to quickly try and get a photo of the marionette, as none of the kids wanted to pose.


Other favorites were. "The Doctor,"


The Iron Giant,




and while I didn't get his picture, there was a cute young boy dressed as a carrot, but because he was holding a vegetable peeler in one hand, he told everyone he was a, "Scarrot."

Finally, while not the scariest costume, this clown is definately the creepiest.


Also out last night, was a bear hanging out in the front yard of a home, four doors down from mine. When he decided to climb a tree in the front yard, animal control was called in to remove him.
It was truly a memorable Halloween.

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LindaSue said...

goodness - and I haven't have a trick or treater for over a decade - one of the facts of living in the boonies - but wow what a range of costumes - then a bear removal - you have an exciting neighborhood!