Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chocolate, Stat!

We've started looking for a house to live in. It's really depressing as our current home is so big, beautiful and so us. It's also way out of our price range. Way, way out...and it's not for sale. Megan bought treats at Trader Joes and we've been eating our feelings. Did you know there is a word in the German language, "Kummerspeck," that literally translates as, "Greif bacon," and refers to the weight that is gained from emotional eating. I have much kummerspeck.



LindaSue said...

oh dear - I'm at long last trying to lose some of the results of my grief gluttony - and that chocolate at Trader Joe's is TOO good -- sorry about the housing situation - if I were trying to cheer you up I'd say "at least you were able to be there for a year" but reality bites and says - "dang it we like it here and don't want to move"
somehow it'll be OK - your family is resourceful and supportive - you can do it (is there a nice caramel filled one in that box? nevermind - chocolate is NOT on my food plan)

Elizabeth said...

I hope something shakes loose in the housing situation soon! I'm the opposite when I'm worried I get super nauseous and can't eat at all. That chocolate looks divine.