Tuesday, November 12, 2013

$1.99 Worth of Fun.

But first, look at this heater Megan bought to put in our fireplace! It looks pretty realistic and makes the room so cozy. The temperature has steadily dropped today and the wind is fierce; we even have a chance of snow tonight!


We stopped at Trader Joes after Olivers gymnastics class, which really isn't a class at all, but free play on the equipment, and just inside the store were a bunch of 5 miniature rose sprays for 1.99, so I indulged. My first arrangement looked like this, not terrible, but kind of bare and a bit Christmas-y.


I thought it might look better with some fall leaves.


Not so much.
Then I remembered this lid I bought that fits on a mason jar.


And this is the final arrangement; a bit more fall-ish. I love this oatmeal tin for flower arrangements.


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Elizabeth said...

That is a cool heater! where did she get it? We have a fireplace that in non operational and this would be perfect!